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BS100 100W 36,000mAh/3.6V 130Wh Outdoor Power Station

This 130Wh Power Station with 100W power station offers some of the most convenient fast-charging portable power station options. The same convenience as the fast charging portable power station. Perfect for those who like to travel or want to supplement their solar system.

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  • 【HIGH CAPACITY & PORTABLE POWER STATION】Power bank with AC outlet 130Wh (36,000mAh) can power plenty of your devices, such as phones, laptops, tablets, Macbooks, lights, fans, TV, projector, small blender, car refrigerator, drones, switch, camera, and CPAP machine. NOTE: 100W is the output power, NOT the battery capacity. It is recommended that CPAP users use a DC converter to work with this portable battery pack for better effect.
  • 【MULTI FUNCTION OUTPUTS】This portable laptop charger is equipped with 1*pure sine wave AC output port (110V/100W), 3*QC USB (5V/2.4A, max 12W) and 2*DC vehicle output port (12-16V/10A max) to power different devices according to your needs. Moreover, the built-in cooling fan will auto-cool down the unit when the working temperature rises too high after long use. Please turn off the AC output when not in use to save the battery power.
  • 【FAST CHARGING & 3 WAYS TO RECHARGE】When recharged by a solar panel (DC 13-23V, 40-120W, solar panel NOT included) under direct sunlight, it becomes a solar-powered generator to provide eco-friendly green power. You can also recharge it with an AC wall outlet at home or a car outlet in your car. Besides, it supports 15V/9A Max fast charging when you press the fast charge button next to the solar input port, which will charge quicker and take a shorter time than normal recharging.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE AND SOLID】With a lightweight and compact size, solar power portable laptop charger is customized for portable carry-on with a solid handle, making it easy and comfortable enough to be carried around for your outdoor camping, road trip, RV trip, and indoor blackout. Besides, the built-in led flashlight with light-strobe-SOS modes makes this portable power bank with an ac outlet convenient for outdoor activities and indoor emergencies.
  • 【Warm Tips】100W is the output power, NOT the battery capacity. Please do not use this power station to power devices with a rated power of more than 100 watts. Do not use the adapter with an input voltage over 15V to charge it, which may damage the battery. Please use and recharge this power station at least one time every three months. Please turn off the AC output when not in use, otherwise it may run the battery out even without other loads.
  • 【Note】The red triangle shows up because the unit is self-checking when you turn on the AC output. It will disappear after checking.




Battery Type

Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Capacity

36,000mAh/3.6V 130Wh


Adapter: 12.9V/2A Max
Solar Panel: 12.9V-24V/2A Max

AC Output

AC Power: 200W
Peak Power: 200W
AC Voltage: 220/230V or 100/11V, 50Hz or 60Hz
Wave Form: Modified sine wave

DC Output

4x DC 5525:9V-12.6V/2A
2x USB-A: DC 5V/2A



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