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Same to airports, bus stations are also highly used scenarios for shared power banks, especially in long-distance bus stations. You don't need to switch your...

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This idea of a portable charger with an advertising menu holder has been already implemented by such giants in the catering business as Starbucks Coffee...

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Shopping Mall

There's no surprise that if you walk into a shopping mall, and find out that every store was covered with shared power bank stations in...

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Joining a concert, going to a musical festival, or watching an opera, a backup power supply is a must.   But if you didn't bring it or...

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When you are out of your dorm, the last thing you need is your phone running out of charge. How annoying and troublesome is it...

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Working and studying in a cafe is becoming a new trend of lifestyle. According to research, many people can stay in a cafe for 3-5...

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Amusement Park

According to Disney's guest services, multiple Walt Disney World has already adopted third-party operated kiosks for phone charging.  Those portable chargers can be purchased in...

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  The airport is one of the most used venues for shared power banks in many countries.   Flight travel usually costs several hours, and many regions have...

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