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Overview of the development of shared power bank in Malaysia

Overview of the development of shared power bank in Malaysia

Shared power bank have developed rapidly in China in recent years, but overseas shared power bank are still a blue ocean market, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. in the Southeast Asian market. Shared charging treasures are in a stage of rapid development in overseas countries. This article will give you a detailed introduction to Malaysia’s shared charging treasures to help you explore overseas markets.

1.Development of shared charging treasure in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the shared power bank service has gradually been recognized and accepted, and has gained a certain market share. The shared power bank service has been well covered in major cities and regions in Malaysia, especially in big cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Shared charging treasure sites are usually set up in busy areas such as commercial centers, shopping malls, tourist attractions and public transportation stations, so that users can rent and return charging treasures conveniently.
Shared charging treasure services in Malaysia usually use mobile payment methods, such as Alipay, GrabPay, Touch ‘n Go, etc. Users can use the mobile app to pay, rent and return power banks, providing a convenient and safe payment method.

2.How to prepare for shared charging treasure in Malaysia?

First of all, conduct market research to understand the market situation of shared power banks in Malaysia. Investigate factors such as competitors, user needs, market size and potential opportunities to provide a basis for your business strategy formulation.
Second develop a detailed business plan, including target market, operating model, marketing strategy and financial forecast, etc. A business plan will serve as your guide for starting your business and help you plan a viable strategy.
Next, find suitable partners, such as shopping malls, shopping centers, tourist attractions, hotels, public transportation stations, etc. In cooperation with these places, you can set up shared power bank stations inside or around them to meet the charging needs of users.

Chargeeight is growing in the Malaysian shared power bank market, providing Malaysia with convenient, reliable and high-quality charging services, and solving the problem of insufficient mobile phone power for users. Currently, Chargeeight’s shared power bank sites in Malaysia are located in major cities and Busy areas, such as commercial centers, shopping centers, tourist attractions and public transportation stations, etc. The selection of these sites enables users to easily find and use shared charging treasure services.

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