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Is Power Bank Sharing A Good Business to Invest?

In just 5 years or so, with capital support, the shared power bank has expanded rapidly in China, and most young people have used it or are still loyal users. According to the law of market development, the most practical and effective business model is to transplant a successful business model. So at present, is it a good business to invest in shared power banks in markets other than China?

First, we must admit that the rapid development of shared power banks in China is inseparable from the mobile Internet and the popularity of mobile payments. For other countries and regions, the development trend of mobile Internet is the same, and people’s dependence on mobile phones is also increasing. However, with the continuous enrichment of mobile phone applications and the continuous increase of application scenarios, the power of mobile phones is still stagnant. We can foresee that people’s outdoor demand for mobile phone power will remain unsatisfied for a long time in the future.

1. Is a power bank a necessity for a long time?

Since the invention of the mobile phone, its power storage has indeed been increasing. But people increasingly feel that the battery is insufficient because its functions are constantly improving, from the beginning of texting and calling to today’s social media, watching videos, listening to music, map navigation and so on. This not only aggravates electricity consumption, but more importantly, we can’t bear to miss important information on the mobile phone, and maintaining a good battery can avoid people’s worries.

2. Why power bank sharing is the best solution?

Before the invention of the shared mobile power bank, the solution to the problem of insufficient mobile phone power outdoors included using the charger provided by the merchant to charge the mobile phone in the public area or placing the mobile phone in a charging locker and waiting for the mobile phone to be charged. The shared power bank provides a more practical and cheaper solution. You can rent a mobile power bank to charge your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Will there be a better solution in the future? We have no way of knowing, but a shared power bank is the best solution for now.

3. How to launch your power bank rental startup?

As we’ve mentioned, the best business model is a copy of the successful model. Learning from the development process of China’s shared power bank can save us a lot of time and money. ChargeEight has created the “Resurrection Power” brand in China and achieved success, and many of the company’s core personnel have experience operating shared power bank projects in other countries.

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The shared power bank is a sharing economy business worth investing in, but not all investors can get good returns. Choosing the right partner can help you avoid many mistakes. From the point of view of the operation, only by learning about successful experiences and researching the market personally can we successfully occupy the market.

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