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Everything You Need to Know about Shared Power Bank Rental Business

Everything You Need to Know about Shared Power Bank Rental Business

With the recovery of traveling and shopping, the global shared power bank market is also heating up, attracting the close attention of investors worldwide. It has to be said that from Southeast Asia to Europe, America, Africa, and then to the Middle East countries, the domestic market is now a matter of three or five years ago, and it is a very large market. The shared power bank business is mainly to scan the code before charging. It exists in various public places, mainly for the convenience of people. In today’s high dependence on smartphones, “low battery anxiety” seems to have become a new epidemic, and some people are even allergic to low battery warnings. Now we have shared power banks, a perfect solution for this issue.

Introduction of shared power bank station business

The shared power bank business refers to enterprises that place power bank rental stations in offline places. The individual becomes a registered user by paying a deposit or free of deposit. They can quickly borrow a power bank from the stations with a specified credit value and a certain amount of money. After their mobile phone finishes charging, it needs to be put back in a nearby kiosk.

There are obvious differences in the use of shared power banks in different usage scenarios, and the usage efficiency of small scenarios is lower than that of large scenarios. According to public information, in the station usage scenario, the average daily usage of a single shared power bank is 2.1 times, and the power bank activity is 1.0. While in the restaurant scene, the shared power bank usage is lower than in all cases. 

Average activity. Stations, shopping malls, and airports are the shared power bank usage scenarios with the largest traffic. Enterprises can give priority to the layout. At the same time, enterprises also need to improve their operational capabilities to meet the needs of large-scale scenario layout operation and maintenance.

Advantages of sharing power bank stations

The sharing economy model has changed the allocation of social resources and people’s way of life at all levels. Every time you go out, if you forget to bring your power bank, your phone will easily run out of power. The development of the shared power bank APP solves the problem of the user’s mobile phone running out of power and meets the user’s electricity demand.

  • The power can be borrowed and charged immediately from a mobile app, which is convenient and fast, and you don’t have to worry about the phone running out of power when you go out;
  • When your mobile phone is out of power in places such as dining out, dating, socializing, etc., the shared power bank will help you solve the problem of mobile phone crash in time, and you will not miss every important call;
  • Using terminal fast charging technology, ChargeEight’s shared power bank takes the 2.1 fast charging port and provides a safe and strong current for the mobile phone, helping you to charge in a shorter time fully;
  • Use GPS positioning and satellite positioning to accurately locate the location of the charging stations, which is convenient to find and borrow at any time, saving time and money;
  • The shared power bank rental station adopts an LED display, which can be displayed in every corner, allowing you to understand the power status and return it in time.

Global shared power bank design and implementation plan

The system type’s abstraction includes mechanical structure, appearance mold, control circuit, and software system. These four parts, different product types, have different mechanical structures and appearance molds. Big difference, resulting in a different product experience. Since the whole system involves cooperation in multiple fields, it also provides a threshold for developing and designing the system.

  • Power bank cabinet/station

The power bank cabinet stores the power banks and can charge the power banks in the cabin. The cabinet has networking functions such as WIFI/4G. It conducts two-way communication with the cloud server through the network to perform the borrowing or returning function of the mobile power supply.

  • Mobile client APP

The mobile client APP provides users with various functional operations of the system, including deposit recharge, deposit return, mobile power rental, mobile power return, rent payment, etc.

  • Power bank

The mobile power supply mainly provides the user with charging the mobile device. In addition, the power bank can be identified by the system’s cabinet. When the power bank is returned to the cabinet, the system can automatically identify it.

  • Cloud server application software

Cloud server application software provides data statistics functions for devices, users, and payment orders in the system and supports various information communication between devices and mobile APP clients.

Power bank rental system development

Global shared power bank station: The physical part of the system is also the part we can see. It is used for the storage of power banks. Generally, a QR code is posted on the cabinet. This part of different products has the biggest gap, mainly reflected in size, whether there is a touch operation screen and the sending method of the power bank. The terminal is also divided into a mechanical part and an electronic control part. The electronic control part controls the mechanical part through software programming and is responsible for storing the mobile power supply.

  • APP client: For users to operate, mainly the borrowing of power bank and return process, fee payment, deposit payment, and withdrawal.
  • Cloud server: It controls the entire system, connecting all other parts to achieve the corresponding business process.
  • Merchant management background: The power bank rental cabinet will usually develop agents. The agent needs to understand the operation of the cabinet. The management background lets you view the relevant operation data and charging conditions.
  • System management background: The management background can view the operation status and usage data of all power bank rental cabinets and their merchants to manage the operation of the entire product.

Program content of global shared power bank

We are all familiar with power banks. Although the price of a power bank itself is not high, there is still a certain demand for global shared power banks. However, doing a set of global shared power bank solutions is not easy. It involves many aspects, including software and hardware. Finally, it needs to be integrated into a reliable solution and minimize the failure rate.

  • The product hardware includes a flame retardant shell, protection circuit, cloud control circuit board, battery, charging cable and interface, identification power, etc.
  • Scan code management system: (APP front-end, back-end management system, and server construction)
  • Background management system: (region, agency, equipment monitoring, running water, statistics, analysis, fund withdrawal, etc.)
  • After-sales service system: including one-year free after-sales repair service.
  • Operation process: Scan code on mobile phone — APP payment — pop up power bank — charging

Sharing phone chargin APP development

The sharing economy model changes the allocation of social resources and people’s lifestyles at all levels. If we forget to bring the power bank, the mobile phone will easily run out of power whenever we go out. The development of the global shared power bank APP is just right for The user can solve the problem of no power of the mobile phone and meet the user’s electricity demand.

1. The role of global shared power bank APP development

A mobile phone is usually a must-have when going out. Still, the mobile phone’s battery will inevitably be insufficient, which is also something most users do not want to encounter. However, the development of the global shared power bank APP allows users to rent a power bank by paying a deposit online at various locations to fully charge their mobile phones and solve the pain point of users running out of electricity when they go out.

2. Functions developed by global shared power bank APP

  • Peripheral query equipment

The user develops a GPS positioning system, which can view the current surrounding global shared power bank equipment in real-time and find the equipment location closest to the user.

  • Map Navigation

Users can quickly find them based on map navigation. Global shared power bank equipment is distributed around, and the precise navigation route allows users to find the target location as soon as possible.

  • Scan the code to rent a house

Users can start renting global shared power banks by scanning the code on their mobile phones. QR code scanning rental, easy to operate.

  • Online Return

After the user finishes using the global shared power bank and returns the power bank to its original position, the system will automatically help the user settle the usage amount during the rental period and send the consumption information to the user for viewing.

  • Personal Center

The personal center records the user’s entering and using of the global shared power bank, including the usage time, usage time, consumption amount, etc., which is convenient for users to view in real-time.

 The development characteristics of the shared power bank rental station

In people’s daily life, the mobile phone that accompanies you the most of your time. If your phone dies, it can be very inconvenient. The development of shared power banks can allow people to charge at any time in their lives.

1. Scan code to recharge

Users can scan the QR code to use it. For some sharing apps, if you are a newly registered user, you can have the opportunity to use the power bank for free. After the trial ends, users must pay a certain fee, but the amount is still affordable.

2. Nearby Stations

If you want to use the global shared power bank but are unfamiliar with your location, you can open the power bank sharing APP and turn on the nearby site function. Then you’ll find nearby shared power bank stations so that you can find the kiosk and borrow a power bank quickly.

3. Rental function

If your mobile phone is out of power and you are in a hurry, you can choose to use the shared power bank. You can take the power bank directly from the kiosk, but you must pay a deposit before renting. After finished charging, then return the power bank to the nearest station. Otherwise, it will be regarded as an overdue return, and your deposit will be deducted.

Application scenarios of shared power bank station

From the perspective of the operation process, the global shared power bank borrowing process is roughly divided into five steps: scanning code, registration, payment, use, and return. The first use may take a while, but it is very fast after registration. The return method is similar to a shared bicycle. Users can return the power bank to the nearest location based on the GPS positioning of the power bank on the official account platform. At present, global shared power banks are generally distributed in three places, which also represent three different industry models.

  • Mobile phone sharing mode in big scenes

A device can place a dozen or even dozens of power banks, and the main places are airports, railway stations, scenic spots, and other places with high traffic.

  • Mobile phone sharing mode in a small space scene

We often see shared power bank equipment at the front desk when we go to restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and other small space scenes. 

  • Fixed mode in fixed scene

It works in almost any scenario but also has big limitations. The wired machine is integrated with the desktop and cannot be moved, but no deposit is required. Users can charge in place and leave.

The prospect of the global shared power bank

In other mobile digital devices such as large-screen smartphones, tablet computers, digital cameras, etc., the functions are increasingly diversified, and the frequency of use is increasing. Especially in business activities or when going out, these terminal devices are in peak working hours and consume very fast power. The shared power bank station is suitable for scenic spots, bars, clubs, shopping malls, cinemas, cafes, and other areas. Any business district street can borrow a global shared power bank, as long as you can connect internet, scan the code, and borrow it as you use it. Easy and convenient. And the power bank is purchased by oneself.

First, in terms of power, few people can guarantee whether the power bank’s power is sufficient when going out. Secondly, carrying a mobile power supply will also increase and becomes a burden. Under the sharing economy, the emergence of global shared power banks is inevitable. With the acceleration of the pace of life, global shared power banks have facilitated people’s lives and have a broader prospect.

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