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Correctly understand the sharing economy

Correctly understand the sharing economy

Looking at the entire Chinese smartphone user market, in terms of potential users, there is still considerable room for growth on the demand side for shared power banks. At the same time, compared with first- and second-tier cities, the business opportunities of shared power banks in third-tier cities in the sinking market are also worth exploring.
According to research data from Orient Securities, the penetration rate of shared charging POI in third-tier cities and below in 2020 is only 3.7%, which is about 1/5 of the penetration rate in first- and second-tier cities.
Although shared power banks have developed quite maturely in first- and second-tier cities, in the vast sinking market, a new round of “enclosure” is still going on.

1、Sources of profit from shared power bank projects

  • Rental fee: Users pay a certain fee to rent power banks, which is the main source of income for the project.
  • Advertising and partners: Power bank devices can usually be used to display advertisements, or cooperate with merchants to promote products and services, and obtain advertising fees or shares.
  • Data analysis: Collecting user data and analyzing it can provide companies with valuable market information, which can be sold to other companies.

Suppose we initially invest in 100 shared power bank equipment and install them in stores. We compare the guaranteed income of one shared power bank to only 10 yuan a day. Don’t think it’s abnormal. In that month, we charge 100 units. The income from the power bank is about 30,000 yuan. We will get back more than half of the money we paid for the machine at the beginning. This is the income from the power bank, the income from sleeping.

2、How the shared power bank project operates

  • Shared power bank placement: Place power bank equipment in different locations in the city, such as shopping malls, restaurants, bus stations, etc., to build a charging site network.
  • Mobile application: Users need to download the shared power bank application, register and log in. Through the app, users can find nearby charging stations and available power banks.
  • Rental and return: Users can rent power banks using the app. Once used, users can return the power bank at a charging station or other designated location.
  • Payment and billing: Users can pay for charging through the app. The system will record the user’s charging history, and the user can view payment details in the app.

The shared power bank project is a business model that has attracted much attention in recent years. Shared power banks have the potential to make money under the current market conditions. Choosing Chargeeight Shared Power Bank as a partner will inject strong support into your project and help You achieve business success and profitable growth in this promising field.

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