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Chargeeight Chairman Zhou Wenlong Calls on Sri Lankan Prime Minister Gunawardana

Chargeeight Chairman Zhou Wenlong Calls on Sri Lankan Prime Minister Gunawardana

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, at the invitation of Sri Lankan Ambassador to China Dr. Palita Kohona, Mr. Zhou Wenlong, Chairman of Shenzhen Zhongdianhexin Technology Co., Ltd., visited Sri Lanka as the cultural envoy of the Sri Lankan Embassy in China .
Mr. Zhou Wenlong was received by Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardana of Sri Lanka. Gunawadna said that under the framework of the “Belt and Road Initiative” in the future, the two countries will have great potential to further deepen cooperation. At the same time, he shared that there are very good opportunities for investing in tourism and hotel industry, new energy, high-tech agriculture, gemstones, health care, food processing, and financial industries in Sri Lanka. We welcome more outstanding Chinese companies to participate in the development and construction of Sri Lanka.

Above, Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardana of Sri Lanka holds a meeting

Mr. Zhou Wenlong walked into the National Investment Department of Sri Lanka, and was specially received by the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Investment Department, Dinesh Werakodi (Presidential Advisor) and his leaders. active participation. Visited the “future city” that rose from the sea invested by China – Colombo Port City, looking forward to more in-depth cooperation to promote the sustainable development of China and Sri Lanka. After the end, I also visited the National Urban Planning Bureau and the Tea Bureau , Gem Company, etc.

Above right is Tea Director Jayapati Moligorda

At the same time, Mr. Zhou Wenlong also walked into the Ministry of Tourism of Sri Lanka, and was specially received by the minister and leaders of the Ministry of Tourism of Sri Lanka. He learned about the direction of tourism investment in Sri Lanka and received positive responses from the entrepreneurs on site. He initially reached a cooperation intention of sharing charging treasures. The Sri Lankan side looks forward to More tourism projects have been launched to promote the development of China-Sri Lanka tourism along the Belt and Road.

The right of the picture above is the Secretary of the Prime Minister

Chargeeight entered Sri Lanka to jointly build the “Belt and Road” and Sri Lanka’s “Prosperity and Glory Vision” strategy.
Chairman Zhou Wenlong said that CLP Core will adhere to the business philosophy of “Based in China, serve the world, and charge the world”, so that the convenience of China’s shared charging will be brought to the world, and contribute to the economic integration among countries. Greater strength of Chinese brands .

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