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Analysis of shared power bank in Europe, tapping the overseas sharing economy market

Analysis of shared power bank in Europe, tapping the overseas sharing economy market

The development momentum of domestic shared charging treasures is unabated. With the arrival of tourism and summer vacation, shared charging treasures will also lead to a wave of strong growth. However, the overseas European market of shared charging treasures is still in the development stage. We should pay close attention to the deployment of shared charging treasures in the European market. The Chinese model + overseas strategy has opened up a new business model with sustainable value and explored the overseas sharing economy market earlier.

1、Shared power bank development opportunities in Europe

  • Shared power bank have reached a high degree of popularity and acceptance in China. In the future, mobile payment will be the trend for the world, so overseas shared charging treasures can copy the existing model and will gain opportunities for development.
  • Overseas are recognized for service charges. The overseas population is small, so the service industry wages are not low. For shared charging treasures, it is also a service industry, and the business opportunities are great. Take domestically, inland shared charging treasures It is very profitable, but you can also see shared charging treasures in Europe, but there are not many of them. The rental price is basically 25 yuan per hour. The rental price is good and the prospect is bright.

2、How to share charging treasures in Europe?

Shared charging treasures have also begun to receive attention and promotion in some European countries. Some companies provide shared charging treasure services in the local market and actively expand network coverage.
The most important thing about shared power banks in Europe is that choosing a reliable, experienced and professional overseas shared power bank manufacturer is the key to success in going overseas. You can consider on-site inspections of manufacturers’ factories and facilities, and request samples for testing and evaluation.

Chargeeight focuses on the overall value-enabling product + brand + platform, and uses the Chinese model + overseas strategy to open up a new sustainable value business model. The advantages of CLP Core’s self-owned R&D team, self-owned factories, and complete products can help customers quickly open up overseas markets, seize opportunities, and obtain more market opportunities.

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