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Alibaba Shared Power Bank brand alliance was formally established

Alibaba Shared Power Bank brand alliance was formally established

On April 23, Zhou Wenlong, the core chairman of CLP, led a team, together with general manager Wu Haowen, and joint founding shareholder Hu Xiaohua, went to Ningbo, Zhejiang to formally sign a strategic cooperation with Star Control Group. The integration of superior resources leads the formulation of industry service standards and creates a new benchmark in the field of unmanned new retail shared services. This strategic cooperation has further strengthened CLP Core’s position as a leading OEM/ODM company for shared charging treasures

Mr. Qiu Zhikai, co-owner of the Alibaba charging trademark; Xing Heng, chief architect of Xingkong Group, Xingmeng, CEO, Xingwei, senior vice president, Xingtuan, co-founder, Xingpin, chief brand marketing officer, Xinghao, general manager of Ningbo Company, etc. Partners, attended the event together.

This cooperation is also another milestone for Chargeeight shared charging service layout in a night-time unmanned new retail urban complex, creating a night-sale commercial street-24-hour unmanned retail store, which adds a new dimension to the convenience of the people. strength.

The shared power bank brand under Chargeeight——Fuhuodian, officially joined the Alibaba shared power bank brand alliance.

On the same day, Star Control Group also ushered in a number of major milestones. The Star Control Power Bank (Ningbo) factory was completed and unveiled. Chargeeight has witnessed these historical moments together.

Shenzhen Zhongdianhexin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Bao’an, Shenzhen. It is a company based on the Internet of Things technology, industrial characteristics, and big data services that share the entire industry chain of charging treasures. Specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and operation of shared power banks, and providing ODM/OEM services for shared power banks.

The company has its own large factory, providing various types of shared charging treasure products. Master the core technology patent of shared charging treasure, and the anti-theft function is industry-leading. The factory adopts advanced fully automated assembly line production, equipped with a variety of high-tech inspection and testing equipment, each product is strictly checked before leaving the factory, and the core components of the product are made of high-standard materials to ensure product delivery and quality.

The company has a rich product series, stylish and beautiful design, suitable for use in different places, and is the only company in the industry that provides a full range of products, including vertical cabinets, desktop cabinets, high-definition screen cabinets, etc., to meet the needs of various customers.

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